Sending a low quality recording for an audition can cost you the admission or the job! Mic placement and gain structure can make or break your recording. Focus your attention on practicing while we take care of the engineering. We can record up to 16 simultaneous tracks with a variety of microphones by Sure, Audio Technica, Mojave, etc. Editing and Mixing is performed primarily on Pro Tools 12, Ableton Live 8, and Audition CC.

Video has never been so much fun to work with!

DSLRs offer beautiful images with depth of field that make you feel like you’re in a movie! The right tools matter. We shoot with Canon and Sony DSLRs, and GoPro. The editing is done in Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition and After Effects in a Mac environment.

Dallas’ Chancel Choir with members of the Fort Worth Symphony playing Handel’s Messiah:

The Funky Knuckles playing at Abby Underground:


Classic 2 cam setup:


From a Land Far Away at EDCC 2012 concert series:

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