What’s happening with recording?

By August 24, 2013Uncategorized
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When shopping for a studio or a person to handle your recordings, you should inquire about their experience and education. While that doesn’t always guarantee excellent results, it can at least give you an idea of how serious that person takes their profession. However, there are many alternatives to finding a professionally trained engineer. Why not try your own hand at it? Some of my favorite resources are: online courses at the Berklee College of Music and www.lynda.com. These resources are always available and provide you with tons of information to immediately apply to any project.

GREAT NEWS: We don’t need a million dollar studio to reproduce our voice or full featured albums to showcase our musical careers. If you already have an educated ear for music, then it should be only a matter of time and practice before you develop your engineer or producer’s ear. Fantastic gear is right at our fingertips, so get going!

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